Fist Call Communications has been around in Casper since the 1930s.  We began as a bookstore and have since evolved into a technology provider with cabling, business and IP phone systems, and networking and IP cameras.

Now owned by Casey Allison and Brad Renner, First Call Communications was originally taken over by Casey’s father Jim Allison in 1973 when it was mainly an office products store, known as Byron’s Office Equipment, selling everything from pencils to typewriters and time clocks.  As technology changed and the need for typewriters diminished, Jim moved the company into business phone systems in the early ’90s and became a Lucent Technologies phone dealer.  With Casey and a qualified technical staff onboard, the company continued to expand the business into phone systems.

Brad Renner joined the team in 1997 as a salesman and was brought up to speed in the technology we offered.  We continued to expand to more offices and added voice and data cabling as a low voltage contractor, and at the same time began to phase out more of the office equipment product.  In 2005, Jim changed the company’s name to First Call Communications to more accurately reflect our business model and the services we offer.

In 2007, we moved to our current location at 642 North Glenn Road, a site that provides additional warehousing for our cabling products and inventory expansion.  Shortly after this, Jim Allison decided to retire, allowing Casey and Brad to purchase the business.

Since that time, First Call Communications has expanded our offerings to include networking support in business offices and the network-based IP cameras, while still continuing to drive our business phone systems with computer-based technology, as well as voice and data cabling.